About the Publisher
This is an informational more than a promotional site published by Thomas Frisendal, principal of the Danish consultancy TF Informatik, located in Denmark and in France. I focus on the flow from Business Analysis to the construction of Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence (and more). The emphasis is on the Business - because the point is to help The Business transforming data into information as a foundation for new knowledge. I write, speak and teach business analysis, architecture, modeling and establishment of the management and refinement processes. My particular specialty is visual data modeling. I am a member of "The Data Warehouse Institute Denmark" (member of the board), "The IIBA", "The Danish IT Society", "The International Association for Information and Data Quality" (IAIDQ) and "The Cognitive Society".
TF Informatik was established in 1995 and is registered in Denmark with the VAT-number DK66048950.

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I am the author of these two books: