Normalization / Marc Rettigs poster
Normalization once and for all!

One of the "data modelling classics" is a famous poster issued by Database Programming & Design in 1989 about normalisation. The author is Marc Rettig - the then technical editor. Reused here with the kind permission of Marc, who is now with fit associates. The poster is a very good presentation of normalisation taken to the fifth normal form. © Marc Rettig, 2006

Data Modelling

The Return of the Modellers!

Data Modelling is back in focus. After a number of years, where Data Modelling was simply considered a well understood best practise, its importance is reemphasized because of the emergence of a number of new data store paradigms in the NoSQL and Big Data realm.

This is so important that I have written a book about it:


See the accompanying website here.