What You find here
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This site is dedicated to helping You identify:
  • Best practises within production of information (using eg. a Data Warehouse)
  • What not to do (and why)
  • What ought to happen (sometime soon)
In a few words: It is meant as a source of inspiration for both business people and information workers. With a clear focus on what is important!

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From Data to Information and Knowledge

Companies and organisations collect vast amounts of data in their daily operations. Such data contains lots of information, which may become useful knowledge. For example knowledge about customer behaviour or the most succesful products.
Data do not turn into knowledge all by themselves. To enable that you need insight and some specific processing. Only then the Business will experience the value of data being turned into information - enabling the acquisition of true knowledge.
What experience has taught us is that good business solutions should take inspiration from:
  • Less is more!
  • Business focus!
Developing the business by way of information "production" is what this site is all about.

Key issues

This site aims to help you understand what is important about:
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Design Thinking Business Analysis - Business Concept Mapping Applied
Thomas Frisendal
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In particular, if you are a new Data Warehouse project manager, architect, owner, business superuser, expert, business analyst, who needs to get started on data Warehousing / Business Intelligence / Enterprise Information Management, I sincerely hope, that this is of help to you.
Do not hesitate to contact me, if there are things, you do not understand. Or if you have comments / corrections / protests / praises ...